The number one breed of heritage turkeys in our opinion, we absolutely love the deep, striking chestnut color of Bourbon Reds. An excellent meat breed with an exquisite, rich flavor weighing in at 18 to 30 pounds, you can't go wrong with these beauties. Their light pin feathers afford them an easy to pluck carcass. They lay beautiful, large, rich eggs from March through September here in Michigan, which we consider to be exceptional for turkeys. We breed for docile temperament, size and production. Our hens are extremely broody and hatch at least two clutches a year on their own. A sustainable heritage breed that is listed as threatened by The American Livestock Breeds Conservatory, Bourbon Reds are a great addition to any flock with their heavy breast and foraging ability. We currently are breeding with 35 hens and 7 toms, but hope to see that number multiply this year in order to get this beautiful breed out there more as well as to be able to fill our customers demands for these show stoppers! Our pictures of our flock speak for themselves! No need to look any further if a beautiful APA standard heritage turkey is what you're after!